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EMC EHC Federation SDDC : PaaS with Pivotal CF.

I recently had a discussion with a couple of my colleagues while working on a PaaS / IaaS EHC project recently. We were trying to come up with test cases for testing PaaS capability for Applications. So while discussing that I figured I would blog about the testing process and the kind of model that a company needs to adhere to while testing. Do you test all aspects of the solution including the infrastructure and middle ware layer? or do you test just the application layer? The answer is that it depends on the platform you are going to use. Are¬†you are using a publicly available PaaS platform like AppEngine, Azure, AWS Beanstalk, or whether you want to have to have the development capability hosted internally in a private / hybrid cloud. The testing process for both of them different quite significantly. Or Does it? Bear with me.. (more…)


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