EMC EHC Federation SDDC : PaaS with Pivotal CF.

I recently had a discussion with a couple of my colleagues while working on a PaaS / IaaS EHC project recently. We were trying to come up with test cases for testing PaaS capability for Applications. So while discussing that I figured I would blog about the testing process and the kind of model that a company needs to adhere to while testing. Do you test all aspects of the solution including the infrastructure and middle ware layer? or do you test just the application layer? The answer is that it depends on the platform you are going to use. Are you are using a publicly available PaaS platform like AppEngine, Azure, AWS Beanstalk, or whether you want to have to have the development capability hosted internally in a private / hybrid cloud. The testing process for both of them different quite significantly. Or Does it? Bear with me.. (more…)

EHC Disaster Recovery Edition – vRA and SRM Integration

Returning to the blog post series about EHC, this blog will cover the EHC Federation Edition with Disaster Recovery. In this post, we will be looking at the intergration between VMware SRM and vCAC. Yes that’s right. Some of you might be unaware that vCAC or vRA is supported for DR by VMware SRM. Let us look at the conceptual diagram how this would work.

Note: This blog doesn’t discuss the DR/HA Availability of vCAC. That will be discussed in subsequent posts. (more…)

Change is the only constant.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “Change is the only constant” around 500 AD. What he might not have realised is how true it is even after 1500 years. While change is inevitable, it brings with it new challenges and new responsibilities. (more…)

Upgrading to vSphere 6: Part 3 – Upgrading standalone SSO Server

This is part 3 in the multi part series for Upgrading to vSphere 6.

Part 1: How and What to plan for 

Part 2: Upgrading a simple install


Upgrading to vSphere 6: Part 2- Upgrading a simple install.

This is part 2 of the multi part series for Upgrading to vSphere6.

Part 1: How and What to plan for  (more…)

vExpert 2015 – Consecutive years. Big prize to win ?

I learnt this morning that my nomination for vExpert’15 was successful. Its really an honour to be a part of the community which has given so much to me. As a quick thank you to the community and also to @pluralsight for their vast library of courses, I have decided to give out 12 month subscription to the community. But there is a gotcha, you need to answer the following questions as a comment to this blog, the answers which I like the best gets the voucher. So here you go ..

What is your Name and twitter username?

Do you follow me and @pluralsight on @twitter?  

Which Certifications do you currently hold ? 

Which certifications do you want to study for ? 

Why do you want to be a #vExpert /#CiscoChampion / #EMCElect ?

Do you want to get to Architect level certifications? If so which ones? 

What do you do when someone junior to you asks you a very simple question? 

What part of being in vCommunity do you like? 

How are you involved in the vCommunity? If not, how will you change that?

To give everyone a fair chance, the winner would be announced next Friday  by a twitter DM, so if you don’t follow me yet, there is still time.

Upgrading to vSphere 6: Part 1 – How & What to plan for.

So vSphere 6.x is now here. A lot of blog posts have covered whats new and the new limits for the new Suite.

A quick recap of whats new is (abstract from Duncan Epping’s Blog):


VSPEX Blue – First Thoughts !

VSPEX Blue is EMC’s EVO:RAIL. They have made enough modifications to warrant a special mention but they haven’t tried to include any storage ‘appliance’ unlike NetApp so the base EVO architecture remains unchanged. Sorry this isn’t a dig at NetApp but stating the obvious.  Duncan Epping has a lot of useful information about EVO:RAIL and Cormac Hogan has an excellent blog series about VMware VSAN. So I am not going to explain what EVO:RAIL architecture is and how VMware VSAN works. (more…)

Vendor Certs – Is it really as hard as doing Masters or PhD?

Disclaimer: I intend no disrespect to any VCDX or CCAr or any high level Vendor Certificate holders !! Rene no disrespect to you either my friend. 

I just recently saw a blog post by Rene (VCDX 133) about PhD in infrastructure design and discussions about it on twitter by Mike ‘Webscale’ Webster and Frank Denneman. This is what prompted this blog post.

Here is a link for the original post : wp.me/p4znjP-U6


VMware’s Year In Review: Hybrid Clouds,…

VMware’s Year In Review: Hybrid Clouds,…

VmWare saw a 16% year-over-year growth in net revenues to $4.3 billion through the first three quarters of this year. The company reported a 14% increase in product licenses revenues over the prior year period to $1.8 billion. On the other hand, services revenues were up by 18% y-o-y to over $2.5 billion. VMware’s management attributed much of the growth to fast-growing market segments such as hybrid cloud services, network virtualization – or software-defined networking – and end-user computing.

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