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NU world of possibilities

IT is changing pace so fast these days and anyone who doesn’t move with the changes that it brings, gets left behind. We moved from the mainframe era to the virtualisation era and now into the cloud era. One thing that hasn’t changed from the mainframe era to the current one is the pace of new technology adoption. Be it All Flash Arrays, Hybrid Arrays or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.  (more…)

VCDX: Assumptions and Pre-requisites. How do they differ

Simon Long (@SimonLong_) wrote a post here detailing the problem with assuming certain things. I see where he is coming from and I agree with his point. However, I also think there needs to be further clarification as to how to deal with assumptions. Most of the times I see assumptions being put in to ensure that the client provides certain basic infrastructure services, such as AD, DNS, NTP etc. These should ideally be called Pre-Requisites, since they are critical for any VMware or non VMware Production environment to operate effectively. Don’t call them assumptions. Assumptions are used when you have little or no control over certain aspects of a project or with an application you are dealing with.  (more…)

VCDX Success – The devil is in the detail

Its time again for some hopefuls to go through to defending their design.First of all, Congrats. Give yourself a pat of the back and a vH5 (virtual High 5). You’ve just reached base camp. The hike gets harder from here. From here on its all about how well you’re prepare to weather the storm. It can be a great day with sunshine and chirping birds or all hell might break loose. Its all dependent on you.

Being there a year or so ago myself, I feel the need to address how one should prepare for VCDX defence. There are plenty of blogs which tell you what to do and what not to do. Plenty of videos on youtube / vBrownbag etc. This list is something that I had with me originally. Its not a lot but it something that got me started.


Automation is a good thing ..generally speaking. 

Disclaimer: Though its based on a real customer, this posts intends no disrespect to any employees or anyone else working for that customer (if you know who you are). If anyone is offended by this I apologise but not for expressing my opinion !! 

Automation is a good thing but there are certain scenarios where Automation to the Nth degree isnt always the answer. Its not about any competitor or partner. This is about a customer who wanted to automate the shutdown and deletion of idle development VMs. Not I want to click a button to ensure that someone oversees this during the initial phase. They want it completely automated.Yep you heard right. Automation is generally used to well automate menial tasks that you do day in day out to not only help you save time, but also to ensure that there is no manual error in the process. But when I was told this I immediately thought of

Automation Fail
Automation Fail



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