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My name is Harsha Hosur. I am VCDX #135. I also have Masters in Applied Science (Networks and Distributed Systems) along with Prince 2, ITIL and a couple of Microsoft Certifications.  I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am happily married with a hyper energetic, superhero loving son and daughter who is the master of everyone at home.

I work at Nutanix as a Consulting Architect. I do everything webscale and cloud. Still learning Openstack and other technologies. This blog doesn’t speak for Nutanix or partners. This blog is not affiliated to or sponsored by Nutanix. These are my thoughts and opinions on various things, some of which are not technical. I like a healthy debate, if its vendor bashing you’re looking for, you might as well not come here.

I like all things virtual and am an avid photographer as well. I am not very active on twitter although I am trying to change it. You can follow me @harsha_hosur. Look me up on LinkedIn too. I like travelling but not always for work. When I am not in front of a computer or behind a camera (also an amateur pro photographer), you’ll find me watching tennis or playing squash. I have been alcohol free since Jan 2016 (#dry2016) and I love my coffee so you can call me a coffee snob as well.

My motto in life : Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

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  1. Hi Harsha – I read your post on conversion of Converting Hyper-V UEFI VM to BIOS VM – do you know how the reverse can be achieved?

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