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IT is changing pace so fast these days and anyone who doesn’t move with the changes that it brings, gets left behind. We moved from the mainframe era to the virtualisation era and now into the cloud era. One thing that hasn’t changed from the mainframe era to the current one is the pace of new technology adoption. Be it All Flash Arrays, Hybrid Arrays or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. 

The one company thats changed the game quite significantly than the others is Nutanix. Not just with their product portfolio but also continuously innovating and keeping, quite frankly, a mile ahead of what everyone else is doing. Many well known people (within the VMware community especially) who’ve joined Nutanix, have nothing but praise in the way the company is being run, by a great management team led from the front by Dheeraj Pandey (@trailsfootmarks).

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pandey, Sudheesh Nair (@sudheenair) and Binny Gill during VMworld earlier this year, and much to my surprise he knew who I was and what I did; despite working for a competitor. It is a moment that will forever be etched in my memory.

There was an opening in Nutanix for a GSO role in Australia, I spoke to a few people about it, especially a good friend of mine and also a great mentor, Josh Odgers. And he was kind enough to get the right people involved. I spoke to the Senior Director of WW Consulting and Senior VP of GSO in Nutanix; speaking to them only reiterated what everyone I knew at Nutanix told me about the company, its culture and where its headed. I spoke to my wife at length in what it meant to take on a new role now, and where I want to be in 5 years time. I have always set specific goals in my life and went for them.

What happened next is one thing I will never forget in my life. I received a twitter DM the next morning from Mr. Pandey (@trailsfootmarks) telling me that he just signed my offer letter. I had spoken to a HR person the previous night and told him I was happy to join Nutanix, but what Mr Pandey did exemplifies the kind of leader he is, humble, knowledgeable and one who is keen to know and realise the potential in every single employee at Nutanix. This is a rarity in todays world.

So, as of December 1, I will be joining Nutanix GSO, first GSO employee in ANZ. And with that, it opens a whole new world of possibilities and growth that I am hoping will prove me a great asset to GSO and Nutanix.


Its a bitter sweet moment for me, as I will be leaving a great team in EMC. The team that has Will Huber, Tim Gleed, Steve Anderson, Bill Kelly and countless others, who are great both personally and professionally. I will especially miss working with Will Huber (@huberw) & Tim Gleed (@timgleed), who is a good friend first & is probably the best manager I have had so far. Thank you for all the help and advice that you guys have given me and I am sure we’ll cross paths soon enough.

I am leaving a great team behind and looking forward to join another great team, working with other VCDXs like Magnus Andersson (@magander3), Derek Seaman (@vDerekS), Jason Yeo (@jasonyzs88), Jon Kohler (@jonkohler) & Josh Odgers (@josh_odgers). A whole new world of possibilities is just round the corner and I am very excited to join a great company.


Thanks for the long read 🙂


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