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Change is the only constant.


Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “Change is the only constant” around 500 AD. What he might not have realised is how true it is even after 1500 years. While change is inevitable, it brings with it new challenges and new responsibilities.

I am starting a new role at EMC today. I will be transitioning off VCE to a new role as EHC Cloud Architect in EMC. This is not news to many of the EMC folk and people who know me personally. On the flip side its entire VCE Cloud Practise team who will be transitioning into EMC. This team includes the likes of Will Huber (@huberw , VCDX #81), Tim Gleed (@timgleed) and whole heap of other great guys the likes of which includes Matt Leibowitz (@mattliebowitz)  so it will be fun as well as a good learning experience for me.

Having worked a bit on vCAC and the associated components will definitely help me in the new role. The new role will inevitable be different to what I was doing in VCE. In my new role, I will be moving out of the infrastructure side and into the Hybrid Cloud and related entities. To start with I think I will be focusing mainly on Federation SDDC – Hybrid Cloud (read VMware vRA, vRO, NSX etc) with ViPR, VPLEX, RP, Avamar and DataDomain making up the rest of the components for EHC.

Further down the line, I will look at delving deeper into EHC based on Pivotal offerings for SaaS, EHC based on OpenStack as well as EHC Based on Microsoft offerings. As I said it will be a fun road with a learning curve that’d put The Alps to shame.

Why move into Hybrid Cloud Role?

I was asked this question by a few people. The reason is to get more exposure to technology which is more than just hypervisor or infrastructure based. EHC being based on multiple iterations or products of cloud computing will give me a lot to learn and understand which I have never had the time or resources before.

The interaction with vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure and Openstack based public cloud offerings is definitely something that defines where EHC is looking to differentiate itself.

I’ve time and again said that for me personally, VCDX is step 1. VCDX has definitely helped me to get to this role and I won’t be resting on just that laurel to move ahead. Working on multi hypervisor multi cloud environment will definitely have its advantages in due time.

Working with VCE has given me a good baseline and was my first role in vendor space as opposed to a partner. Hopefully this new move will give me more stuff to present at user events such as VMUG, VMUG User Cons,

I am sure when time comes for everyone to move to a different company or a different role, it will definitely happen. For now I am happy where I am going.

Onwards and Upwards then … 🙂

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