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vExpert 2015 – Consecutive years. Big prize to win ?


I learnt this morning that my nomination for vExpert’15 was successful. Its really an honour to be a part of the community which has given so much to me. As a quick thank you to the community and also to @pluralsight for their vast library of courses, I have decided to give out 12 month subscription to the community. But there is a gotcha, you need to answer the following questions as a comment to this blog, the answers which I like the best gets the voucher. So here you go ..

What is your Name and twitter username?

Do you follow me and @pluralsight on @twitter?  

Which Certifications do you currently hold ? 

Which certifications do you want to study for ? 

Why do you want to be a #vExpert /#CiscoChampion / #EMCElect ?

Do you want to get to Architect level certifications? If so which ones? 

What do you do when someone junior to you asks you a very simple question? 

What part of being in vCommunity do you like? 

How are you involved in the vCommunity? If not, how will you change that?

To give everyone a fair chance, the winner would be announced next Friday  by a twitter DM, so if you don’t follow me yet, there is still time.

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