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My VCDX Journey (and stumbles along the way) # 1


After a long and arduous journey over a few months starting november 2013, I finally achieved what I wanted to do since 2009.  I am VCDX-DCV #135.

This blog post is to help those push through the initial hesitation and also help those who’ve stumbled in the first go. It’ll be a bit long so bear with me. Here we go …

I got my VCP4 in 2008 when I was working as a Senior Wintel Engineer. I had worked on ESX 3.0 and 3.5 initial releases. I was really awestruck by how simple it was to setup a basic cluster and the advantages that it gave the workloads. I still remember my first vMotion experience and it was awesome. I wanted to know more do more with this awesome technology. So began my journey to do the VCAPs. I got my VCAP DCD4 first and then followed it up with VCAP DCA4 a year later. Early 2009 the thought of doing my VCDX came to my mind, I’d just attended my first VMUG and the session was with the first VCDX in Australia, Andrew Mitchell (#30).

A lot of time passed between 2009 and 2013 when I finally got enough courage to put my VCDX Application through in December 2013. I had requested some feedback from Will Huber (@huberw, #81), Josh Odgers (@josh_odgers, #90) and Manish (@mandivs) with my documentation. I got positive feedback from them so I felt OK. Then got the reply from Mark Brunstad (VCDX Program Director) in Jan 2014 that my application was successful for defence at Partner Exchange, SFO on Feb 11. I was so happy that I was one step closer to getting VCDX.

I immediately logged onto twitter to see who else had been accepted. I found quite a people who’d tweeted that they were doing the same, Derek Seaman, Kalen Ardnt, Mark Snook, Garette,  Brad Christian, Jeff Mercier, Josh Coen, Sean Howard & Safouh. Also known as #VCDXPEX14CREW

Brad Christian (@bchristian21) was kind enough to start a group mock defence each night for 2 weeks and I attended a few, missed a few (including mine thanks to my 4 yr old) but overall learnt a lot.

I also contacted Josh Odgers, who in my opinion is one of the best guys to know and work with, and asked him to help me out with a couple of mock panels so as to know where I stood. Little did I know that there was one more candidate, whom Josh was helping out, Richard Arsenian (VCDX #126). Richard and I did one mock panel each and I was terrible. I convinced Josh and Richard for one more go the next day. I redid the whole presentation, still couldn’t answer a few questions properly. The day was here to fly to SFO..

Its long enough.. lets take a break.

To be continued..


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